Yes, but we would respectfully ask that they be kept relatively small, with a maximum width of 480 pixels. Also, please try to use JPG with around 40% quality so they are of reasonable visual quality while staying at a reasonable size. If you don't know how to resize an image, you could use an application like Google's Picasa 2 to mail an image to yourself. Under the Tools - Options menu item you can set how thiis application treats images that are to be mailed. Go to the email tab and set the slider to 480 pixels, and when you mail an image it will be resized to this on the fly. It's a handy application for managing your home photos anyway Smile


To insert your own image while authoring an article click the Insert/Edit Image tool on the main WYSIWYG toolbar (third button from the left on the lower toolbar), not the Insert Image button below each text box. We will set aside a folder specifically for your images. See the Users folder and browse for your username. Once you are in your folder find the globe icon with an up arrow on the right of the dialogue. This is the upload tool. Browse to the file you wish to upload and provide a name if you wish to change the default (no spaces). You should then see the image in your user folder. Highlight it, change the settings in the top half of the dialogue and click the insert button.


If this all sounds too complicated, mail the images to us and we can put them into your user folder so all you have to do is pick them when writing your article.