When you become a site Author you will see links that will allow you to submit a variety of content types. When you click on this you will be presented with a form containing some dropdown menus and a WYSIWYG editor.


The first thing you must do is provide a title for your item. Then you must choose an appropriate category from a dropdown provided. For example, if you want to submit a Knowledge Base item you must choose which subsection yyour item best fits into. If you can’t decide, don’t worry too much, the editorial team will move it if the chosen section is not appropriate.


The WYSIWYG editor is split in two parts, the Intro Text and the Main Text. The intro text is just that, a strap line which can appear on the front page that gives a brief summary of the item. Keep this short, and if you want to include an image, please just use one relatively small image. The Main Text section should contain the main body of your item. When a user visits your item they will see the Intro and Main text together.


When you are finished you must click the Save button. You can also click the Apply button along the way if you want to save your entry without leaving the text entry page. Hitting cancel will exit the editor. If you have not saved or applied your changes, your item will be lost.


When you save or apply changes your item will be saved in the system but will not be visible to other users immediately. The editorial team will review the item and (perhaps following a bit of formatting or copy editing) publish the item for all to see.