Dan Kelly's Cider

Address: Boyne Grove Apple Farm,Drogheda,Co. Louth
County: Co. Louth
Phone: 0419837333
Twitter: @dankellyscider
Description: Dan Kelly's Cider is made from hand picked apples. Most commercial ciders are made from machine-harvested apples which would have a degree of bruising which affects flavour. We blend cider apples with Bramley and desert fruit to give the cider a moderately dry taste with light carbonation to allow the fruit flavor to come through. Not as sweet as some on the market, but very refreshing and natural. We don't use sulphites and cultured yeasts. We don't add acid, artificial colours, sweeteners or anything else. We press the apples and let wild yeasts do their thing. Then we add some juice before pasteurizing to allow the flavor develop. We will be working on single varietals and also vintage ciders and we are one of only a few cider producers in Ireland who grow our own fruit.
Beers & Ciders: Dan Kelly's Cider
Located in: Cider Makers
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