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Hey there,

I have one of these Midget Widget CO2 canisters.

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Do you know if i can get these refilled anywhere?[/quote:1ev0qgup]
See also here: [url:1ev0qgup][/url:1ev0qgup]

We have them on the way from Ritchies, the UK agents for homebrew applications (next week sometime), but the problem seems to be that even in the UK:
Widget World Co2 Cylinder RRP £21.50
Widget World Re-fill RRP £13.50

We'd have to collect them from customers and get them back to the UK for refilling. I'd doubtful if we could do all that for £8 so it seems to make more sense to discard them?

As it is, we are the only Irish company refilling S30s (it makes more sense because the refill charge is much less that the purchase charge).

It seems a bit nuts, but the 8 gram disposable bulbs are still the cheapest solution per gram for CO2.

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