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Lupomax now available at Geterbrewed 2 years 9 months ago #1


As we see the demand for hop forward beers continuing to grow we are pleased to present a Lupulin enriched hop pellet called Lupomax.

Geterbrewed are proud to be launching Lupomax with the first two varieties available being the highly sought after Mosaic & Citra.

So what is Lupomax?
Lupomax is a concentrated lupulin pellet
There is no mistaking Lupomax when you open the hop pack you immediately get hit with an intensely pleasing aroma.

As Geterbrewed have just landed the first shipment of Lupomax into our coldstore and have decided to go live and allow our brewing customers to be the first to trial this innovative new advanced hop pellet, we are excited to hear your feedback. We will be brewing with Lupomax ourselves and will share our experiences.

Initial trials have found Lupomax to be bigger, brighter & bolder. Consistency is a unique selling point as the varieties are true to style and standardised so no need to adjust your recipes from one batch of hops to another.

When you concentrate down a product you can expect to have some harshness but not with Lupomax, the expertise has allowed Lupomax to be created to reducing the vegetative matter to produce a cleaner more intense hop flavour without any astringent flavours.

There are many benefits to the brewer:

Less solids means less waste in the hopping process which means more packaged liquid
Shipping & Storage Cost Reduced
Reliable Brewing performance everytime you brew
True to type hop flavours

How to use Lupomax?

To ensure optimal flavour and aroma utilization , Lupomax pellets are designed to be added during dry hopping on the cold side or to the brewhouse whirlpool. Timing of addition can influence the final beer flavour and aroma. The brewer’s discretion will dictate dosage timing and addition rate

As a guide, Lupomax pellets are designed to be used at a replacement rate of 70% relative to standard t90 hop pellets

Purchase Lupomax from Geterbrewed Now:

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