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Speidel Braumeister Special Deals 4 years 1 month ago #1

[b:hufyfhc2]Best Deals On The Planet For Speidel Braumeisters![/b:hufyfhc2]
One time chance to get the best of the pack at incredible prices. The Speidel Braumeister[/url:hufyfhc2] is just so far ahead of the rest in terms of . . . everything! Quality and performance are second to none . . . no compromises.

For the month of October, we are offering unbelievable deals on Speidel equipment. Can't give specific pricing because it keeps changing with new product versions coming on stream etc. But search for the best Speidel deals in Europe and we will do our best to match anything you can find out there.

We can't sell below cost, but we are the only official Irish Speidel agents so we should be able to offer the best pricing; see here:

Take a look here: shop.speidels-braumeister.de/en/[/url:hufyfhc2] and check out their new Braumeisters and temperature controlled fermenters . . . . this is German engineering at its very best. As a starting point, we will match their pricing (even though the VAT rate here is 4% higher than Germany) and offer free insured shipping to your door from Germany on orders over 1000 euros. We may even be able to do a bit better, especially on larger orders. And they have really good shipping rates to Ireland on smaller orders which we will pass on at cost. [b:hufyfhc2]Please PM for quote[/b:hufyfhc2].

So, why use [b:hufyfhc2]Homebrew West[/url:hufyfhc2][/b:hufyfhc2]? Well, as the only [b:hufyfhc2]official Irish Speidel agents[/b:hufyfhc2], we have a lot of clout with them and also reputations to protect. Speidel's support to date has been nothing less than amazing for Irish customers who bought Speidel products from us. If you are going to invest a substantial amount, you will probably want to be sure you have first rate support going forward.

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