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Out of habit, I posted my review of Gozdawa Imperial IPA on NHC...
Gozdawa Imperial IPA Review[/url:1luobyob]

For those afraid of clicking on links, here it is...

Well, firstly, thanks to Homebrewwest and Beoir for this (Raffle on Beoir)

The Kit contains... 2 cans, yeast and instructions.

Making this up is like any other kit.
Sit the cans in hot water to soften the Malt.
The cans have a ring pull which means you don't need a tin opener - nice touch.
Pour malt into sanitised fermenter.
Rinse Cans with boiling water.
Add a kettle of boiling water, then cold, topping up to 22.5l at 20C
Gravity was 1.042 which is low for an Imperial IPA. Hmmm...
I have to admit I did not rehydrate the yeast, but pitched directly on the wort.

Pretty painless, although it claims to be an Imperial IPA but there is no mention of adding sugar other than for bottling.
I have had recommendation to bump the Gravity by adding sugar, but I'm going to leave it as is in keeping with the instructions.

Per instructions I had it at 20C for 24hrs, now its at 15C.

Wait and see...

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