Irish Craft Beer Festival The Full Beer/Cider List 8 years 9 months ago #13

"KeeganAles":2acg8qeu wrote: Anybody know, of the previously unseen beers, which beers are new releases (which I can expect to see again) and which are festival one-offs (which I must drink now or forever hold my peace)?[/quote:2acg8qeu]

Correct me if Im wrong but these are the only ones I know about, not sure about the rest. Some one else might be able to add to this.

Carlow Brewing
Oak Aged Leann Folláin - festival
O’Hara’s Winter Star - festival
O’Hara’s Natural Blonde - festival

Dungarvan Brewing
Rye P.A. - Great festival beer
Also some cask dry hopped helvic I think

Eight Degrees Brewing
Barefoot Bohemian Pilsner - relatively new seasonal
Ochtoberfest Märzen Beer - brand spanking new

Franciscan Well Brewery
Single Hopped Rebel Red - fetival
Double Hopped Rebel Red - festival
Alpha Dwag IPA - festival beer, special release at one stage
Purgatory Pale Ale - lovely beer on cask

Metalman Brewing
Metalman Alternator (Wheat) - dont know much about this one
Chameleon Ginger - seasonal
Moonbeam - new dark beer, havent had a chance to try it.

Trouble Brewing
spelt saison as mentioned above

White Gypsy - Not sure whats usually available but always something great to be found! Ill be going for the dunkel, amber and RIS

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