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“Notice withdrawing Concession” is given by the brewery to Rearden, preventing him from selling non-Murphy‟s products from the Exhibition Bar (April 1930); and an agreement between the brewery and Rearden to take on the 7-day licence of 9 Washington Street while awaiting the appointment of a 7-day licence for his premises on 26 Washington Street/Cross Street adjoining. Also an application by Rearden to sell bottled [b:3suvvhb6]Guinness [/b:3suvvhb6]stout in his Exhibition Bar, and if so, would consider selling Murphy‟s products in his premises at 26 Washington Street, and the Brewery‟s refusal (1936);

“Excise Officers began measuring beers for new beer tax” (23rd Aug. 1880), and comments on how its affecting [b:3suvvhb6]Guinness [/b:3suvvhb6]& Co. (19th Nov. 1880);

“various tests done on brands of stouts to determine quality and brand – “bottles…under Guinness Label…has been analysed and it s is undoubtedly Murphy‟s XX stout” (27th November 1934).
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I'd say Guinness didn't even figure to us down here until the 60's [/quote:45qa41ok]

Guinness weren't really interested in bottle or direct sale till recent in there history, could have easily been manly local bottler putting their lable/name on the bottle with Guinness inside

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Actually, there may be some hints:

17 Dec. 1858 – 24 Jan. 1911
Wallet containing an agreement relating to premises at Bridge Street, [b:1qm38b6x]Skibbereen[/b:1qm38b6x], Co. Cork made between Messrs James J. Murphy & Co. Ltd. and Kate McCarthy, in which McCarthy agrees to spend an amount owed in rent to improve the property by a certain date, at which time the Brewery will assign the property to her. [b:1qm38b6x]Includes earlier agreements between various parties and the brewery on the property.[/b:1qm38b6x]

10 June 1863 – 15 Jan. 1918
Wallet containing legal documents relating to premises at No. 2 & 3 Court House Street, Cork, made between Messrs James J. Murphy, William J. Murphy, Jerome J. Murphy & Francis J. Murphy (later Messrs James J. Murphy & Co. Ltd.), Lady‟s Well Brewery, Cork, and various tenants. Includes documents relating to the sale of these premises, 33 & 34 Great Georges Street, 1 Court House Street, and 1 James Street, with a map of these premises. [b:1qm38b6x]Also premises held by P. Casey with the brewery at 62 Shandon Street.[/b:1qm38b6x] It is given a register number C3.

2.2 Purchase of St. Finnbarrs Brewery [i:1qm38b6x](I think we already have a record of this)[/i:1qm38b6x]
94 18 Feb. 1859 – 31 March 1983
Wallet containing documents relating to the sale of St. Finn Barrs Brewery, Fitton Street, Cork, of Sir John Arnott & Co. Limited to Messrs James J. Murphy & Co. Ltd. Includes copy will of George Waters (Distiller), Fairyhill, Monkstown, Co. Cork (18th February 1859); an agreement by Sir John Arnott & Co. with Sir John Arnott & Co. of Cork Brewers (Limited) (1st April 1876); sketch map of the premises of St. Finnbarrs [sic] Brewery. Also copies of the Director‟s Report and Statement of Accounts for Arnott & Co. (1890,1894-‟97); valuation of Arnott & Co. for Messrs J.J. Murphy & Co. Ltd. (1900, 1901); debts owed by customers of Arnott & Co., and a MSS report on the agents of Arnotts and customers that may do business with Murphys‟. Also assignment of Fitton Street by James J. Murphy & Co. Limited (in Receivership) to Murphy Brewery Ireland Limited (31st March 1983). It is given a register number AA 85.

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1. Brewing Records
387 12 July 1828 – 4 June 1829
Mss copybook brewer‟s book with numerical figures and calculations. Includes comments on the brewing process, the weather, place names “Lisbon”, and [b:1qm38b6x][poetry][/b:1qm38b6x].[/quote:1qm38b6x]

The Brewerey I think refers to Murphy's in the Bold statements , I think those records are for tied houses . You'd have to take a look at the actual documents to figure that out .

Your right about the Arnotts and St Finbarrs though , At the bottom of Shandon street the yellow brick ensignia of Arnotts stout can still be seen above the first floor of the old EBS building society building , It's very close to the Franciscan well actually.

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It would be very interesting to see if other big Irish porter/stout brewers made the switch form brown to amber malt like Guinness did?

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11 years 11 months ago #143

I'll have to go and get my readership rights and start researching .

Think I can get them free , or cheap anyway If i join the Graduates association

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War years , look interesting
3.4 Kilmallock and Limerick
219 10 Nov. 1914 – 23 Oct. 1918
Hardback mss Memo. of Directors‟ Meetings minute book for “Kilmallock, No. 3” with an alphabetical index of names at front. The names of those attending meetings are given – usually F. J. Murphy, A. St. J. Murphy and C. E. Murphy. Each page is divided; one side with issues for debate and the other side with comments. Issues covered are rents; repairs to machinery and buildings (p.100); employee wages (pp.16, 82, 96, 99); running costs (insurance and motor); electricity supplies to the town “free of charges” (pp.23, 41, 42, 65, 100); [b:28dzt95e]competitors (Allsops lager, pp.15, 39)[/b:28dzt95e]; militarism (p.26); factory trade output (pp.8, 30, 45); pricing (pp.46, 64); tenancy problems (p.75); and a labour strike (p.97).
111pp & enclosure[/quote:28dzt95e]

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