ICBCF Chat 6 years 8 months ago #73

"Dave_guil":12z6ywe6 wrote:

"andrew":12z6ywe6 wrote:

"Dave_guil":12z6ywe6 wrote: So White Hag will have strongest beer of the festival then with Black Boar?[/quote:12z6ywe6]

Yep- the strongest is a collab between Stonewell and Blacks coming in at 16.9- It's an "IPC"[/quote:12z6ywe6]

Now that I can't wait to try!![/quote:12z6ywe6]

You like cider <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->

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ICBCF Chat 6 years 8 months ago #74

&quot;andrew&quot;:2iv982vy wrote:

&quot;Dave_guil&quot;:2iv982vy wrote: So White Hag will have strongest beer of the festival then with Black Boar?[/quote:2iv982vy]

Yep- the strongest is a collab between Stonewell and Blacks coming in at 16.9- It's an "IPC"[/quote:2iv982vy]
Wowa- weewa

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ICBCF Chat 6 years 8 months ago #75

The latest list (not complete yet- Carrig are sending me their specials this morning)

5 Lamps Dublin Brewery,Mystery Brew,6.5,Dubbel
5 Lamps Dublin Brewery,5 Lamps Lager,4.2,Pilsner
5 Lamps Dublin Brewery,The Liberties Dublin Ale,4.7,Ale
5 Lamps Dublin Brewery,Tenters Nut Brown Ale,5.5,Ale
5 Lamps Dublin Brewery,The Blackpitts Porter,4.9,Porter
9 White Deer Brewery, Stag Bán,4.5,Pale Ale
Armagh Cider,Carsons Crisp,4.5,Cider
Armagh Cider,Maddens Mellow Cider,4.5,Cider
Armagh Cider,Mollys Mulled,4.0,Cider
Barrelhead Brewery,Barrelhead Pale Ale,5.0,Pale Ale
Barrelhead Brewery,Indie Amber,4.8,Amber
Barrelhead Brewery,Intergalactic Ale (I.G.A),6.8,I.P.A
Barrelhead Brewery,Blonde,4.5,Blond
Barrelhead Brewery,Weiss,5.3,Weissbier
Barrelhead Brewery,Exceptional Porter,5.0,Porter
Black Donkey Brewing,Sheep Stealer,5.5,Saison
Blacks of Kinsale Craft Brewery,KPA,5,Pale Ale
Blacks of Kinsale Craft Brewery,Black IPA,5,I.P.A
Blacks of Kinsale Craft Brewery,The Session,3.5,Pale Ale
Blacks of Kinsale Craft Brewery,Rocketship IPA,6.5,I.P.A
Blacks of Kinsale Craft Brewery,Topaz Smash DIPA,9.0,I.P.A
Blacks of Kinsale Craft Brewery,Stonewell-Blacks IPC,16.9,Cider
Blackstairs Brewing Company,Red IPA,5.0,I.P.A
Bo Bristle Brewery,Bo Bristle Pilsner,4.4,Pilsner
Bo Bristle Brewery,Bo Bristle IPA,5.0,I.P.A
Bo Bristle Brewery,Bo Bristle Amber,4.3,Amber
Bo Bristle Brewery,Imperial Red,7.0,Red
Bo Bristle Brewery,DIPA,7.7,I.P.A
Bo Bristle Brewery,Smokey Bacon,6.8,Smoked Ale
Brasserie Castelain,Ch'ti Blond,6.4,Blond
Brasserie Castelain,Ch'ti Ambree,5.9,Amber
Brasserie Castelain,Ch'ti Triple,7.5,Triple
Brasserie Castelain,Jade Malt,4.5,Blond
Brasserie Castelain,Jade Grenade,4.5,Fruit
Brasserie Castelain,Jade Ambree,4.5,Amber
Brú Brewery,Brú Stout,4.2,Stout
Brú Brewery,Brú Rua,4.2,Red
Brú Brewery,Brú Ri,5,I.P.A
Brú Brewery,Brú Dubh,4.2,Stout
Brú Brewery,Brú Autumn Ale,5.0,Ale
Carlow Brewing,O'Hara's Irish Red,4.3,Red
Carlow Brewing,O'Hara's Irish Stout,4.3,Stout
Carlow Brewing,O'Hara's IPA,5.2,I.P.A
Carlow Brewing,Curim Gold,4.3,Wheat
Carlow Brewing,Leann Folláin,6.0,Stout
Carlow Brewing,O'Hara's Natural Blonde,4.3,Blond
Carlow Brewing,O'Hara's Irish Craft Lager,4.3,Helles
Carlow Brewing,O’Hara’s Irish Red Nitro,4.3,Red
Carlow Brewing,O’Hara’s Hop Heavy,5.5,I.P.A
Carlow Brewing,O’Hara’s Dunkelweizen,5.0,Wheat
Carlow Brewing,O’Hara’s Blackberry Lager,4.5,Lager
Carlow Brewing,Curim Mango and Honey,4.3,Wheat
Carlow Brewing,O’Hara’s Wild Side,9.6,Barleywine
Carlow Brewing,O’Hara’s Dry Hopped Porter,6.0,Porter
Carrig Beers,Carrig Lager,4.3,Lager
Carrig Beers,Rowers Red Ale,4.3,Red
Costellos Brewing Company,Costellos,3.8,Red
Craigies Cider,Ballyhook Flyer,5.8,Cider
Craigies Cider,Dalliance,5.8,Cider
Dan Kelly's Cider,Dan Kellys Cider,4.5,Cider
Dan Kelly's Cider,Fiona's Fancy,5.1,Cider
Dingle Brewery,Tom Creans,4.3,Lager
DJs Juice and Cider,Tempted? Festival Special cider,5.7,Cider
DJs Juice and Cider,Tempted? Strawberry cider,4.0,Cider
DJs Juice and Cider,Tempted? Medium Dry,5.7,Cider
DJs Juice and Cider,Tempted? Medium Sweet,5.7,Cider
DJs Juice and Cider,Tempted? Summer Sweet,5.0,Cider
DJs Juice and Cider,Tempted? Festival Scrumpy,5.5,Cider
DJs Juice and Cider,Tempted? Festival XL,6.0,Cider
Eight Degrees Brewing,Howling Gale Ale,5.0,Ale
Eight Degrees Brewing,Barefoot Bohemian Pilsner,4.0,Pilsner
Eight Degrees Brewing,Simcoe Rye Ale,6.0,Rye Ale
Eight Degrees Brewing,Alba Abú,5.0,Ale
Eight Degrees Brewing,Nelson Sauvin Saison,7.4,Saison
Eight Degrees Brewing,Hurricane IPA,5.8,I.P.A
Founders Brewing Co.,Old Curmudgeon,9.8,Ale
Founders Brewing Co.,Porter,6.5,Porter
Founders Brewing Co.,Centennial IPA,7.2,I.P.A
Founders Brewing Co.,Rubaeus,5.7,Ale
Founders Brewing Co.,Pale Ale,5.4,Pale Ale
Franciscan Well Brewery,Rebel Red,4.3,Red
Franciscan Well Brewery,Single Hopped Rebel Red,4.3,Red
Franciscan Well Brewery,Chieftan Irish Pale Ale,5.5,I.P.A
Franciscan Well Brewery,Whiskey Aged Pale Ale,6.0,Pale Ale
Franciscan Well Brewery,Mr Longs Mythical Ale,7.0,Ale
Franciscan Well Brewery,Rosemary and Clementine Saison,7.0,Saison
Franciscan Well Brewery,Coffee Porter,6.5,Porter
Galway Bay Brewery,Bay Ale,4.4,Red
Galway Bay Brewery,Full Sail,5.8,I.P.A
Galway Bay Brewery,Stormy Port,4.8,Porter
Galway Bay Brewery,Buried At Sea,6,Stout
Galway Bay Brewery,Of Foam & Fury,8.5,I.P.A
Galway Bay Brewery,Goodbye Blue Monday,6.6,I.P.A
Galway Bay Brewery,Holocene,7.0,Saison
Galway Bay Brewery,Mare Incognita,4.8,Saison
Hilden Brewing Company,Belfast Blonde,4.3,Blond
Hilden Brewing Company,Twisted Hop,4.7,I.P.A
Hilden Brewing Company,Headless Dog,4.2,Ale
Hilden Brewing Company,Barney's Brew,5.0,Wheat
Hilden Brewing Company,Hilden Ale,3.7,Ale
Hilden Brewing Company,Nut Brown,3.8,Bitter
Hilden Brewing Company,Hilden Halt,6.0,Red
Hilden Brewing Company,Hilden Stout,4.2,Stout
Hilden Brewing Company,Galway Hooker Cask Irish Coffee Porter,4.6,Porter
Hooker Brewery,Galway Hooker IPA,4.4,I.P.A
Hooker Brewery,Galway Hooker Dry Hopped Cask IPA,4.3,I.P.A
Hooker Brewery,Galway Hooker Ban,4.0,Weissbier
Hooker Brewery,Galway Hooker Irish Stout,4.5,Stout
Independent Brewing,Independent Pale,6,Pale Ale
Independent Brewing,Independent Gold,4.5,Blond
Independent Brewing,Independent Red,4.5,Red
Independent Brewing,Independent Stout,4.5,Stout
Independent Brewing,Independent Coffee Stout,4.5,Stout
Independent Brewing,Independent Vanilla Stout,4.5,Stout
Independent Brewing,Independent Barrelled Stout,7,Stout
Independent Brewing,Independent Cherry Red,5,Red
Jack Cody's Brewery,Puck Pilsner,4.5,Pilsner
Jack Cody's Brewery,Smiggy Amber Ale,4.8,Amber
Kellys Mountain Brew,Justice,4.5,Pale Ale
Kinnegar Brewing,Rustbucket,5.1,Rye Ale
Kinnegar Brewing,Devil's Backbone,4.9,Amber
Kinnegar Brewing,Scraggy Bay,5.3,I.P.A
Kinnegar Brewing,Limeburner,4.7,Pale Ale
Kinnegar Brewing,Yannaroddy,4.8,Porter
Kinnegar Brewing,Swingletree,7.0,Saison
Kinnegar Brewing,Otway,4.2,Pale Ale
Kinnegar Brewing,Black Bucket,6.5,Rye Ale
Lefevre,Pure French Cidre ,4.9,Cider
Lexington Brewing Company,Kentucky Bourbon Ale,8.2,Ale
Mac Ivors Cider Co.,Mac Ivors Medium,4.5,Cider
Mac Ivors Cider Co.,Mac Ivors Traditional Dry,5.6,Cider
Metalman Brewing,Metalman Pale Ale,4.3,Pale Ale
Metalman Brewing,Metalman Windjammer,4.8,Ale
Metalman Brewing,Chameleon Ginger,4.5,Blond
Metalman Brewing,Chameleon Smokescreen,4.3,Smoked Ale
Metalman Brewing,Chameleon Equinox,4.5,Lager
Metalman Brewing,Metalman Mystery#1,5.6,Amber
Metalman Brewing,Metalman Mystery#2,4.3,Pale Ale
Metalman Brewing,Chameleon Rubus,4.3,Blond
Mountain Man Brewing Co.,Green Bullet,4.0,Pale Ale
Mountain Man Brewing Co.,Hairy Goat,4.5,I.P.A
Mountain Man Brewing Co.,Crazy Horse,7.5,I.P.A
N17 Brewery,Rye Ale,5.0,Rye Ale
N17 Brewery,Oatmeal Stout,6.0,Stout
Rascals Brewing,Ginger Porter,4.8,Porter
Rascals Brewing,Big Hop Red,5,Red
Rascals Brewing,Wit Woo,4,Wit
Rascals Brewing,Lemon Saison,4,Saison
Rascals Brewing,Kim Jong Lem-Un,4.0,Saison
Rye River,Granny Mary,4.5,Red
Rye River,Knock Knock Ned,6.5,I.P.A
Rye River,Cousin Rosie Pale Ale,4.5,Pale Ale
Rye River,Fancy Franks Lager,4.5,Lager
Scotts Irish Cider,Scotts Irish Cider,5.0,Cider
Stone Barrel Brewing Company,BOOM,5,I.P.A
Stone Barrel Brewing Company,Red Mist,4.2,Red
Stone Barrel Brewing Company,Day Trippin,5,A.P.A.
Stonewell Cider,Stonewell Medium Dry,5.5,Cider
Stonewell Cider,Stonewell Dry,6.0,Cider
Stonewell Cider,Stonewell Cask,5.8,Cider
The Porterhouse,Plain Porter,4.2,Porter
The Porterhouse,Hersbrucker,5.0,Pilsner
The Porterhouse,Hop Head,5.0,Pale Ale
The Porterhouse,Porterhouse Red,4.4,Red
The Porterhouse,Templebrau,4.2,Lager
The Porterhouse,TSB,3.7,Bitter
The Porterhouse,Dublin Pale Ale,4.2,Pale Ale
The Porterhouse,Dingle Gin,70,Gin
The Porterhouse,Dingle Vodka,70,Vodka
The Teeling Whiskey Company,Small Batch Irish Whiskey,46,Whiskey
The Teeling Whiskey Company,Single Grain,46,Whiskey
The White Hag Brewing Company,Fionnabhair,5.2,Wit
The White Hag Brewing Company,Tuireann Ban,6.2,I.P.A
The White Hag Brewing Company,Fleadh Ale,6.8,Red
The White Hag Brewing Company,Beann Gulban,7.5,Ale
The White Hag Brewing Company,Meabh Rua,8.2,Ale
The White Hag Brewing Company,Black Boar,10.2,Stout
The White Hag Brewing Company,Samhain,6.2,Marzen
Trouble Brewing,Dark Arts,4.4,Porter
Trouble Brewing,Ór Golden Ale,4.3,Ale
Trouble Brewing,Fuzzy Logic Wheat Beer,4.7,Wheat
Trouble Brewing,Sabotage India Pale Ale,5.5,I.P.A
Trouble Brewing,Chasing The Dragon Double IPA,8.0,I.P.A
Trouble Brewing,Oh Yeah! American Black Ale,5.8,I.P.A
Trouble Brewing,Vietnow IPA,5.5,I.P.A
West Kerry Brewery,Carraig Dubh,6.0,Bitter
West Kerry Brewery,Riasc Red,5.2,Red
West Kerry Brewery,Riasc Gold,4.1,Ale
White Gypsy,Amber,5.0,Lager
White Gypsy,Blonde Weissbeir,4,Weissbier
White Gypsy,Amber Ale,5.0,Pale Ale
Whitewater Brewery,Belfast Ale,4.5,Ale
Whitewater Brewery,Belfast Black,4.2,Stout
Whitewater Brewery,Clotworthy Dobbin,5.0,Porter
Whitewater Brewery,St Donard,4.4,Lager
Whitewater Brewery,Bee's Endeavour,4.8,Ale
Whitewater Brewery,Hoppelhammer,6.0,I.P.A

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ICBCF Chat 6 years 8 months ago #76

Not sure if this is the right place but the app for the festival doesn't work for me.

First time I tried to install it, it failed to install but it worked the second time. But now every time I try to start it crashes. This is on a google nexus 5

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ICBCF Chat 6 years 8 months ago #77

Don't worry- it will magically fix itself at 5pm

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