Antica Birerria Peroni I made a trip to the Eternal City recently, in search of art and culture, good food, and of course beer. I was aware of a couple of venues from talking to ICB colleagues beforehand, but apart from that I was travelling more in hope than expectation.


Salzburg Coat of ArmsSalzburg, the home of Mozart, and a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site, might seem like an unlikely place for a beer weekend, but is a beautiful city of manageable size. There is plenty to see; beautiful architecture, things Mozart-related, “Sound of Music” locations, the castle (Hohensalzburg), all-in-all it’s just a pretty place, divided by the river and great to walk around. The pubs in Salzburg never seem to offer a great range of beers to try, and many seem to be as much restaurants as pubs, but they are well run and often very atmospheric.

I recently had the opportunity to spend a day or so wandering the streets of the city of York. What a treat it turned out to be, and I discovered for myself that York is a fine destination for great pubs with a range of fine ales.

My first port of call (at 11 am on a November Monday morning) was the Gillygate (the pub with the same name as the street it lives on). I gathered my thoughts over a nice pint of Black Sheep and made a rough plan for the rest of the day. I also perused my CAMRA mini guide to York city. It was the only map of the city that I had, but contained all the information I needed! The only thing I really decided on though was not to visit the York Brewery, simply because of the time factor. There are four tour times per day and the times didn’t really suit.

Wiesbaden street with Italian restaurantsI've been in Wiesbaden a number of times over the past several years on short vacations visiting in-laws, so when I was there this August after visiting Adeptus in Münster I decided it was high time I put forward an article for the ICB travel section. Especially since some of you may have heard of Wiesbaden recently with the Irish soccer team playing Georgia in the neighbouring city of Mainz.

Wiesbaden is a Spa town, or rather a city, with a population of over 300,000 people. Wiesbaden is the capital of the federal state of Hesse. The city sits on the northern banks of the River Rhine 30km west of Frankfurt International Airport and is in the heart of the Rheingau (Rhine district) which is famous for Rhinegau wines. Wiesbaden is a very nice place to visit if you are in the Frankfurt area or if you want a good base from which to explore the Rheingau valley that stretches from Wiesbaden to the town of Rüdesheim. The city of Wiesbaden has been famous for its thermal springs and spas since Roman times so if you are a bit worse for wear from too much beer or wine then you will have plenty of options for rest and recuperation.

Danube ferryI recently went to Vienna and Bratislava spending a few days in each city. Flew from Cork to Bratislava and bussed directly to Vienna. Spent two full days there seeing the sights and sampling what Vienna had to offer, then took a ferry to Bratislava on the Danube (very pleasant 75 minute trip!) and spent few days in Bratislava before returning home. I took notes on beers I encountered on my travels so here they are for your perusal!