What is Beoir?

Beoir is an independent group of consumers with a primary goal of supporting and raising awareness of Ireland's native independent microbreweries. There are some fantastic benefits for members. Find out more about Beoir or learn how to join:
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For a small (but growing) consumer organisation made up of unpaid volunteers, we can count some very talented people among our ranks. A number of well-known writers & journalists, web/app developers, IT people, artists, photographers and now an independent film maker.

Beoir member Sean Monaghan (tallstorymedia) is an independent film maker as well as author and photographer. He writes A Taste of Ireland, a site about food and beer. Among the films that Sean has produced, one stands out as our sort of thing. It’s called Beoir: A Tale of Irish Craft Ale.

The 23 minute documentary is beautifully shot and showcases the beauty of Ireland’s landscape and also the energy, enthusiasm and creativity of some of our independent breweries. The Donegal brewing company, Innishmacsaint brewing company, Mescan brewing company, Kinnegar brewing company and Poker Tree brewing company all feature in here.

The film has been selected as part of the Dublin International short film and music festival for 2014. The festival will take place from the 3rd to the 5th of October 2014.

I would encourage all members to take a look and spread the word about the film. If you are attending the Irish Craft beer & Cider Festival this weekend, the opening 3 minutes are on the looping video I put together to give some information about Beoir, NHC and the Dublin Ladies Craft Beer Society. 

Please enjoy the film and make sure to have sound as the soundtrack is excellent and you need to hear the stories being told by the brewers. It can be discussed further here.



By Reuben Gray

Sunday, February 10, 2019 TheBeerNut News 1871
While the Irish brewing scene hasn't grown as much in the last twelve months as it has in recent years, the task of picking a best beer from the hundred or so operational breweries has not got any easier. In this the eighth edition of the competition, 73 different beers received a preference from a Beoir member, cutting across styles, strengths and county of origin. As always, every beer brewed on the island and available in the previous year was eligible and voting was open to current Beoir members. When all the counting up was complete, three winning beers and a winning brewery were selected. And they were:
Sunday, August 05, 2018 TheBeerNut Reviews 3253
Veteran beer writer Tim Webb has been publishing a guide to Belgian beer and pubs since 1992. This and the previous edition in 2014 were co-edited by the Europe-based American writer Joe Stange. A short essay by Webb at the front of the book charts the origin of the guide and announces his retirement from it. That means the next one will have a different feel to the current edition, because this is not simply a list of Belgian pubs and breweries, but rather a series of personal observations. This unusual approach really captures the idiosyncracies of Belgium's beer culture.