What is Beoir?

Beoir is an independent group of consumers with a primary goal of supporting and raising awareness of Ireland's native independent microbreweries. There are some fantastic benefits for members. Find out more about Beoir or learn how to join:
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There is uncertainty in the unknown. Kegging a beer sounds easy but to the beginner kegger it can be a little mind-boggling. So many questions come to mind from what gear is needed to how to operate your chosen set up. Well, as they say, "Superior preparation rarely tastes defeat", so here is my guide.

A basic setup requires the following:

  • Cornelius keg
  • Gas regulator
  • Gas tank
  • Beer/Gas line and fittings
  • Disconnects
  • Tap
  • No 22 Combination Spanner
  • Adjustable Spanner

Using a bottling wwandWhile bottling beer is a relatively simple process, there are some aspects that can be a source of confusion when faced with bottling your first brew. This article describes one proven technique: the use of a bottling bucket and a simple calculation that lets you plan the amount of carbonation you want. Carbonation is probably the final thing that you have control over when making your own beers. You can decide, with a fair degree of accuracy, the level of carbonation you want, whether that is to suit a general style or your own preferences.