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TOPIC: Gin Botanicals for Craft Distillers & Gin Infusion Sets

Gin Botanicals for Craft Distillers & Gin Infusion Sets 2 years 6 months ago #1

Due to the popularity of the Gin Trade and the growth of this sector of the distillation industry, Get 'Er Brewed have sourced some of the finest Gin botanicals and added it to their portfolio of products. Gin is fundamentally made with the distillation of neutral grain spirit with a mixture of botanicals to flavour the spirit. The spirit has no recognisable flavour prior to the addition of botanicals. The key botanical for Gin is Juniper without it you can’t even call it Gin. The quality of the botanicals will have a massive impact on the quality of the spirit you make so we have used the same ethos with the brewery ingredients and sourced the best we possibly can, you can’t put a price on a quality product especially when you want to make a consistently impressive flavour profile.

[b:20ivcnox]See the full catalogue here;[/b:20ivcnox]
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[b:20ivcnox]Gin Infusion / Garnish Set[/b:20ivcnox]
Gin is very trendy right now and we have a fantastic Gin infusion or Garnish set for the Gin lover, we supply botanicals to craft distillers and microbreweries so we have the finest quality available, so if you want to make Gin like the pros, read on…
This Gin Infusion Set comes complete with 2 x 200ml Professional Italian Spirit Bottles allowing you to create your own Gin infusions with the widest range of botanicals in any infusion set on the market, so fancy yourself as a gin mixologist?
You can infuse or garnish your gin with the botanical test tubes that come with this gin infusion set
Create a unique and wonderful Gin from the following botanicals
Coriander Seed
Sweet Orange
Fennel Seed
Angelica Root
Grains of Paradise
Cassia Bark
Just Add alcohol, Gin is made with Neutral Grain Spirit and you can only call it gin when it contains Juniper
To use the ingredients as garnishes simply add a pinch to your favourite Gin and Tonic
Use each ingredient alone to learn about the flavor profiles or Mix and Match to create your perfect flavour combinations
Geterbrewed Gin Infusion / Garnish Set Includes
11 x Large Test Tubes of Gin botanicals - **Will make multiple batches**
2 x Italian Glass Spirit Bottles
Leaflet describing each Gin botanical and how they are used
Muslin Botanical bags - **Reuseable**
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