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The polls have now closed! Thanks to everyone who voted, and stand by for the results!

The third annual Irish Craft Brewer Beer of the Year awards will be announced in April. In 2009, for the first time, we are opening the selection process to all members of ICB and every beer brewed and available on the island of Ireland is eligible for nomination. The beer crowned as supreme champion can truly be said to be the favourite of all those who really care about Irish beer.

Two runner-up awards will be given, as well as an overall prize for Beer of the Year.

Details of how to vote, and a preliminary list of beers, may be found below.

Eligible beers are any which are both:
1. Brewed in Ireland (including Northern Ireland), and are
2. Commercially available in Ireland (including NI) between 1st April 2008 and 31 March 2009.

This includes one-offs, seasonals, festival specials, limited editions and any other beer so long as the brewer is asking people for money for it. It does not include ciders, meads or other non-beer brews.

The competition is dispense-neutral: each candidate is only listed once, regardless of the number of different ways it is packaged and served.

Voting is open to everyone who is a member of ICB on the closing date of 31 March.

To vote: On or before 31 March 2009, send a list of your top ten beers from the field to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you can't make it to ten, that's not a problem, just give us what you've got. The competition will work best, I think, if you limit your votes to beers you actually drank during the period of the competition, but we won't be holding anyone to that. Remember, it must have been available to purchase during this period, however. Please also include your ICB username on the e-mail. If you aren't a member, just sign up before you vote.

The results will be decided by proportional representation: we will eliminate all the beers with no votes, then start picking out the ones with few votes and reassigning those votes to the second preference. This continues until only four beers are left, and the top three are the prize-winners.

A preliminary list of eligible beers is below. If any are missing, please let us know in the awards thread on the discussion board, and any questions about the general awards process may be posted there, or else contact me by PM or e-mail.

Please do vote: this is your opportunity as a member of the drinking public, and someone who cares about what they drink, to send a message to the whole Irish beer industry about which breweries are getting it right and giving us what we want to drink.

Eligible Beers
Acton's Lager (Messrs Maguire)
Acton's Stout (Messrs Maguire)
Acton's Wheat Beer (Messrs Maguire)
Alt (Porterhouse)
Amstel (Heineken)
Barney's Brew (Hilden)
Béal Bán (Beoir Chorca Duibhne)
Beamish Red (Beamish & Crawford)
Beamish Stout (Beamish & Crawford)
Belfast Ale (Whitewater)
Belfast Blonde (Hilden)
Belfast Lager (Whitewater)
Best (Messrs Maguire)
Blarney Blonde (Franciscan Well)
Bock (Messrs Maguire)
Brainblásta (Porterhouse)
Bud Light (Diageo)
Budweiser (Diageo)
Carling Draught (Beamish & Crawford)
Carlsberg (Diageo)
Mid-Strength (Diageo)
Chiller (Porterhouse)
Chocolate Truffle Stout (Porterhouse)
Clotworthy Dobbin (Whitewater)
Coors Light (Heineken)
Crown Glory (Whitewater)
Curim Gold (Carlow)
Extra (Messrs Maguire)
Fosters (Beamish & Crawford)
Friar Weisse (Franciscan Well)
Galway Hooker (Hooker)
Galway Hooker Dark Wheat Beer (Hooker)
Guinness (Diageo)
Guinness Foreign Extra (Diageo)
Guinness Mid-Strength (Diageo)
Guinness Special Export (Diageo)
Halt (Hilden)
Harp (Diageo)
Haus (Messrs Maguire)
Headless Dog (Hilden)
Heineken Draught (Heineken)
Hersbrucker (Porterhouse)
Hilden (Hilden)
Hop Head (Porterhouse)
Imperial (Messrs Maguire)
Irish Coffee Porter (Hooker)
Kilkenny (Diageo)
Kinsale Lager (Beamish & Crawford)
Kronenbourg 1664 (Beamish & Crawford)
Macardle's (Diageo)
Mao (Unknown)
Marks & Spencer Irish Stout (Carlow)
Mill Ale (Whitewater)
Miller (Beamish & Crawford)
Molly Malone Porter (Hilden)
Molly's Chocolate Stout (Hilden)
Murphy's Red (Heineken)
Murphy's Stout (Heineken)
Nut Brown (Whitewater)
O'Hara's Celebration (Carlow)
O'Hara's Leann Folláin (Carlow)
O'Hara's Red (Carlow)
O'Hara's Stout (Carlow)
Oyster (Porterhouse)
Phúca (Franciscan Well)
Pils (Messrs Maguire)
Plain (Messrs Maguire)
Plain (Porterhouse)
Porter (Messrs Maguire)
Porterhouse Red (Porterhouse)
Purgatory (Franciscan Well)
Rebel Lager (Franciscan Well)
Rebel Red (Franciscan Well)
Rusty (Messrs Maguire)
Satzenbrau (Diageo)
Scullion's (Hilden)
Shandon Stout (Franciscan Well)
Shiva (Unknown)
Silver (Hilden)
Smithwick's (Diageo)
Solas Lite (Unknown)
Temple Brau (Porterhouse)
Titanic Quarter (Hilden)
TSB (Porterhouse)
Warsteiner Draught (Diageo)
Weavers Gold (Clanconnell)
Weiss (Messrs Maguire)
Wrassler's XXXX (Porterhouse)

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